Captain Lance

Captain Lance grew up in Florida and learned at a young age that he loved to fish. He is certified by the United States Coast Guard with a 100-ton masters captains license. Over the last 14+ years, Captain Lance has done a variety of different charters including inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing. He has worked on small fishing vessels, head boats, commercial fishing vessels, and led up clean-up operations in Louisiana after the BP oil spill. All these vessels ranged 21 feet to 1,008 feet. 

Now residing in Cortez, Florida, Captain Lance is fulfilling his life-long dream of owning his own fishing business. Captain Lance loves being on the water and teaching anglers how to fish. With the experience he has and his great attitude, you will have a great time fishing with Florida Fishing Fleet aboard the Savage Lady!

“I take pride in running a boat that clients look forward to fishing on. It is all about having a memorable experience!”


Erin is the fleet manager here at Florida Fishing Fleet. She handles the day-to-day operations alongside her other half, Captain Lance. After graduating from University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in biology, she knew her dream was to own her business one day. Being an Anna Maria Island native, she loves being on the water. From the moment she could walk, she had a fishing rod in her hand. Growing up, her favorite pastime was fishing with her father. Combining their passions with their goals, Captain Lance and Erin have put their expertise together to make their dream a reality. 

“I hope that everyone gets to go fishing just once to see how fun it really can be. Nothing is better than seeing a customer’s face light up because they have caught a fish for the first time (or even the 1,000th time!). It is all about having a good time and making memories.”

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